Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hand-Picked Goodness & Sabina DOP-Certified


Sabina is the beautiful region Northeast of Rome, land of the oldest olive trees in Europe. Superb olive oil has been produced in the tranquil hills of Sabina since long before the founding of Rome. Once the Romans discovered it, the oil of Sabina became the olive oil of The Eternal City. Since then, it has been one of the most sought after oils in all of Italy.

Our villa is surrounded by 1700 olive trees, from which we produce our own Sabina DOP-certified extra virgin olive oil, along with carefully selected local growers. Our EVOO has a pleasant fruity aroma and an assertive yet gently sweet taste.


EVOO is the highest possible grade of olive oil. According to the International Olive Oil Council, the most important international organization to set olive oil standards, to be “extra virgin” an olive oil must come 100% from olives, must have no more than 0.8% acidity and meet other physical/chemical requirement, and must have no defects.

Only the best European extra virgin olive oils can be DOP certified (Protected Designation of Origin). This is the European Union seal of quality to designate a protected geographical status, which means that a product must be produced within a specific region and according to specific standards and techniques typical of that region. Only those European foods with the longest tradition and the best quality can apply to obtain the DOP status.

The safest way to get top quality and great tasting olive oil is to buy a DOP-certified olive oil, so look for the symbol on the label, which guarantees that the oil has been produced following strict guidelines.


Our olive oil is great for cooking, on top of salads, for dipping bread and even with desserts. It also makes great gifts for the holidays or even host/hostess gift when going to dinner at someone’s home. We can ship our olive oil from Italy directly to you in the US and select other locations. Our Sabina DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil starts at 15 Euros per bottle (500 ml), but drops for larger orders. Standard case size is 12 bottles, but half orders of 6 bottles are available.

Our olives are harvested mid-October through mid-November each year during our annual harvest. While available for purchase and shipment throughout the year, when ordering late Fall and for the Holidays, we normally will send you the new season‘s oil as soon as it is available, after it is pressed, bottled and receives its official DOP certification.  You will receive an email from us notifying of this process when ordering late in the year, if we have not yet received our latest season’s oil or are out of stock.

We will do our best to ensure orders are processed in a timely manner to receive shipments for holiday gift giving.

Please note that all pricing is in Euros.

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