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La Cucina Sabina Recipe

Risotto with Fresh Porcini

Cooking Time:

Serves: 4

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



  1. Prepare a vegetable stock putting the onion, the parsley stems, the thyme, and the dry mushrooms into a pot and adding 1.5 lt of cold water.
  2. Bring to boil covered with a lid and let boil at a low boil for at least 30 minutes. Strain your stock taking care to remove the mushrooms and chop them.
  3. Straining the stock is very important as the dry mushrooms may contain small parts of earth that otherwise could end up in the rice as soon as you use the stock to cook it.
  4. You can strain the stock using gauze suitable for food purpose.
  5. Once strained, adjust the stock with salt and keep it warm (but not boiling).
  6. Clean the fresh mushrooms brushing them and be careful not to wash them with water.
  7. Remove the head from the stem and chop them.
  8. Sautè the chopped mushrooms in a pot with olive oil, garlic, and chopped parsley until they’re halfway cooked, then switch off the fire and set them aside.
  9. Toast the rice in a pot, avoiding the use of any fat or oil, and when it’s toasted, add half of the amount of butter in this recipe and a finely chopped shallot.
  10. Let the ingredients cook for a couple of minutes then deglaze with white wine.
  11. As soon as the alcoholic part of the wine evaporates (when you smell no alcohol), start adding the stock to the rice and continue cooking and stirring, preforming this continual cooking process.
  12. Once the rice is halfway cooked,  add the sautéed mushrooms and the chopped ones (used to make the stock and enhance its flavor).
  13. Continue cooking everything together adding stock as soon as necessary, with the process above, but never over adding the quantities of stock but a continual process as it is absorbed until the rice is “al dente” (cooked but not soft).
  14. Switch off the fire and then add the remaining part of the butter (better if at fridge or freezer temperature) and the grated Parmigiano.
  15. Stir until every ingredient is perfectly bound together to create a smooth and creamy texture. Let it rest no more than a couple of minutes, then it is ready to be served.