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1 hour
4-6 Servings

Fresh Berries Mousse with Chocolate Glaze



200 gr (10 oz) fresh red fruit
3 gr (0.10 oz) gelatin sheets or leaves of gelatin film (can substitute powdered version if not available. You can successfully substitute sheet gelatin for powdered in any recipe by using the following scaling: 1 (0.25 oz) envelope granulated gelatin = 1 tbsp powdered gelatin = 3 sheets leaf gelatin)
75 gr (2.7 oz) fresh cream
1 egg white
15 gr (0.5 fl. oz) water


100 gr (1/2 cup) water
1 tbsp of sugar
2 tsps of bitter powdered cocoa
1.5 oz dark chocolate
1 tbsp of butter


Rinse the berries, then pour in a mix to get a puree. Sift the puree to eliminate the peel and the seeds. Set the obtained puree aside.

Whisk by using a stand mixer the egg white.

Pour the water and the sugar in a saucepan to reach the temperature of 120 °C/250 °F (check the temperature with a cooking thermometer). Once ready, add this syrup a little bit at a time to the whisked egg white, keeping on mixing for 2 minutes.

Soak the gelatin in a bowl with water for 10 minutes.

Warm 3 tbsp of the fruit puree on medium heat, without boiling, then add the drained and squeezed gelatin, to melt it. When melted, turn the burner off and pour the rest of the puree to bring to lukewarm temperature.

Beat the fresh cream to a semiliquid consistency. Pour the fresh cream to the fruit puree and incorporate with a whisk. Then add the whisked egg with the syrup a little bit at a time to incorporate.

Butter each ramekin aluminum mold and pour this mixture to fill completely. Put it in a blast chiller/freezer the mousse to frozen. Once frozen, take them out of the mold, then store in the refrigerator to get to the mousse consistency (approx. 2 houra).

Boil the water with the sugar. Once boiled pour the syrup in a bowl with the chocolate, the powdered cocoa, and the butter. Whisk to get the glaze. Store in the refrigerator.

This dessert pairs perfectly with a sparkling wine!