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30 minutes
4-6 Servings

Saffron Risotto with Mandarin Orange Zest and Amaretti

When it comes to traditional Milanese cuisine, one immediately thinks about Risotto “alla Milanese”. The most important ingredient besides the rice is Saffron. It’s extremely subtle and fragrant, but easily recognizable. Here we share with you a delicate Risotto recipe that has Saffron as the main character, but in pretty good company with the zest of Mandarin orange and the Amaretti cookie’s sweet almond flavor which perfectly balances the dish.


300 gr (10.5 oz) Carnaroli rice
3 tbsp of Parmesan DOP
0.3 gr (1 foil packet) of powdered saffron
Zest of ½ of a Mandarin orange
2-3 tablespoons of butter
2 crumbled Amaretti cookies


Bring 8 cups of water in a medium-sized saucepan to a boil.

Heat a large-sized saucepan over low heat, then add the Carnaroli rice. “Toast” it over medium heat, by stirring with a wooden cooking spatula. After 2 minutes, pour a ladle of boiling water into the pan with the rice. Keep on stirring with a wooden cooking spatula, adding a ladle of boiling water a little bit at a time. After 6 minutes of cooking time, pour in the powdered saffron and stir consistently. Keep on adding ladles of water for about another 7 minutes as the rice absorbs the water, then turn off the burner. Add a ladle of cooking water and stir. Now you will grate half of a Mandarin orange zest, then you add a knob of butter, the grated Parmesan DOP and stir again.

Once you get a creamy consistency, but with “al dente” rice, serve by adding a ladle of Risotto to a dish, then crumble half of an Amaretto on top of each portion.

This dish pairs perfectly with a Rosé wine.