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La Cucina Sabina Recipe

Veal or Chicken Cutlet With Ham and Fontina Cheese (Alla Valdostana)

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Serves: 4

Difficulty Level: Easy

Val d’Aosta is a wonderful northern Italian region with a great culinary tradition. This is a “secondo” dish or entrée. It can easily be made with chicken or pork cutlet.


800 gr (1.7 lb) veal, chicken or pork cutlets (8 slices, each approximately 0.2 lb)
200 gr (7 oz) prosciutto ham (4 slices, each 1.7 oz )
120 gr (4 oz) fontina cheese (4 slices, each 1.0 oz)
6 medium eggs
300 gr (10 oz) breadcrumbs
200 gr (7 oz) all-purpose flour
Sea salt
Black pepper
1lt (4 cups) sunflower oil

Mise en place:
Lightly pound veal slices with kitchen mallet (put them between parchment paper sheets so you don’t tear the meat).
Egg wash (crack 6 eggs into a large bowl and whisk evenly with a fork).


Lay 8 veal slices next to each other on a table/cutting board and lightly season them with salt and pepper. Put a slice of ham on top of each veal slice, then a slice of cheese on top of each ham slice.

Cover the 4 veal slices with the other 4 slices of veal letting the lightly seasoned side face the internal side (with ham and cheese), as if you are making a sandwich.

Lightly season each “sandwich” with salt and pepper and set them apart.

Put 4 cups of sunflower oil into a large pan with high edges and let it reach 340° F before starting to fry.

Meanwhile, flour the meat “sandwiches” with all-purpose flour, then soak them in the egg wash and breadcrumbs, repeating the process “egg wash/breadcrumbs” for the second time, tapping the meat sandwiches to let the breadcrumbs stick nicely.

Fry the veal until golden brown (8/10 minutes approximately), then remove them from the oil and place on absorbent paper to dry the excess oil.

Plate the veal, which you may enjoy with a side ofFrench fries or roasted potatoesand a light salad. It’s great with a crisp and dry white wine such as Pecorino or Verdicchio.